Day 1 – The Junk Drawer…sort of

I don’t have enough drawers in my house to have a junk drawer, but I had a desk at our front door that was more of a junk desk.  I used to like the desk, but it really was not of the size to be much benefit in terms of storage.  You see…our house is small and lacks drawers, closets, etc.  Oh, we have a few, but not near enough.

Here is what the desk looked like last week.


Once I had my light bulb moment that I needed a better storage option, I started browsing around for options.  I finally decided on the Hemnes Dresser from Ikea.  Ikea is two hours from here, but we had a free weekend and needed some other things for my organizing mission, so away we went.

Here is the after pictures.  I am SO happy with it and how much additional storage we have now.



I bought drawer organizers at Ikea so I can have some separation in things.


Overall, I am very pleased with this and it was a great investment.  I also bought a piece of glass for the top of it so it doesn’t get scratched up.


One Comment on “Day 1 – The Junk Drawer…sort of”

  1. dawn says:

    I love your new area, it’s a big difference. That’s a great chest and lighting. Way to go on getting this done fast and so funny about your light bulb moment. Wish my light bulb moment would come already, still not sure how to do mine.

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