Pantry Organization

Ever since we have lived in this house, I have been so frustrated with the lack of storage.  I don’t even have a drawer in my kitchen to put my dish towels and dish cloths in.  It really drove me crazy.  One day when I was browsing some blogs, I saw that someone had used a three drawer Sterlite system for add storage in their pantry.  I thought that was a great idea, so I went out and bought one.

Here is a glimpse of my pantry before and changes.

When we moved in (almost four years ago), I bought the door rack to provide extra storage.  It was okay for a while, but ended up getting really annoying because things would fall out of it.  I decided to try a different storage idea for the door…a shoe organizer!  I have used a shoe organizer for years in our computer room closet.  I use it to hold cords, wires, spare computer parts, etc.  I am really LOVING all the extra storage provided by it and the three-drawer organizer.




While the shoe organizer isn’t the prettiest accessory, it sure is nice to have the extra storage space!


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